About Me

Hi! My name is Trudi and I love refashioning old clothes and scraps of fabric into something new.

Currently, I have spent the last couple of years working with a local charity called Vision21. The charity is all about sustainability in Gloucestershire both through protecting the environment and upskilling people through employment, gardening and making projects. Through the national lottery and other grants we have set up funded sewing projects teaching upcycling, basic sewing machine skills, and one of my favourites hand embroidery.

It has been a great opportunity to use my local Scrapstore as a source for materials and equipment.

In the past I have also worked with different groups in Cheltenham West, providing a mending course in the local Hester’s Way Baptist Church with the local neighbourhood group.

I also run sewing and making classes of my own at a local Vintage Cafe called Smokey Joes both for children in the holidays and for adults.

I studied Fashion Design Technology at College quite a few years ago and I’ve always had a passion for sewing. I learned to knit and sew as a child and did lots of different crafts including batik, dyeing fabrics and even making Peg Dollies on the doorstep in the summer!

I am really into not throwing away old clothing/ bits of unused fabric, you only need to look at Pinterest to see what can be done with even the smallest scraps.

I think anyone can learn basic sewing skills and want to grow this blog into a learning site and pass on my skills in person through teaching at workshops, craft fairs and festivals.

So, come and take a look at the site and see if you can pick up some tips or pass some on to me!