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Giving Low Tech a High Tech Life

Considering that I have a small business that concentrates on hand sewing and keeping handed-down skills popular, I have a spent a lot of time in front of the computer lately.

I can confirm after about a month of wrangling with the computer I am now blogged up, twittered up, instagrammed up, facebooked up and fed up!  Well actually I am pleased that I managed to have some success, my latest YES! moment was linking my instagram to my twitter and facebook page after spending hours going round in circles!

Oh! well onwards and upwards. Now I can get my needle and thread back out. I  decided this week to make myself a little denim quilted coaster for my cups of tea to rest on. Also, I’ve been having a little experiment with backgrounds for product photos, I’ve been to the local DIY store and picked up some free samples of wallpaper, made a little box out of foam hardback then I just used bulldog clips to hold the sheets in place.