Upcycling t-shirts into scarves.

Upcycling classes

I teach lots of classes to adults that involve learning new sewing skills and how to upcycle clothes both using hand and machine sewing. Some of my favourites are old shirts and t-shirts into cushions, infinity scarves and changing the style of the item.

When I am teaching embroidery or sewing machine skills I try to ensure that most of my materials are sourced at my local scrapstore, I can even get zips there. It is important to me to support the scrapstore as it is both great for the environment to repurpose unwanted items and they are a charity and I want to support the work as they do great deals for schools and other charities that want to do art and making.

I also run lots of sessions with children, this is something that I really love as I learnt how to make things from a very young age. Sometimes creativity and play comes a long way down the list of what our children should be doing but play is how children relate to the world and their imagination are the ideas of the future and there are also other skills involved in making such as problem solving, how things work, patience and developing manual dexterity. The children find a lot of joy in learning something creative and achievement in making their own ideas a reality.

Something Borrowed….

One of my favourite things about sewing and textiles is that it is such a huge worldwide field and there are always so many new things to learn. There is such history wrapped up in cloth and sewing, it really is the tale of humans and culture with the added emotions of birth, death, migration,… Continue reading Something Borrowed….

Serging Ahead on Youtube

Throughout the pandemic I have really been kicking my own backside to get into having a better online presence and have been using my time to learn how to use online tools better. I decided to start a mini series on IGTV called craftbreak, the idea is that you can watch the crafts being made… Continue reading Serging Ahead on Youtube

Japanese Twist

This was an easy upcycle that I decided to apply to my denim jacket. I acquired this jacket from a friend via a clothes swap and the fabric print of Mount Fuji came from a table runner found in my in-laws flat when it was cleared out after my mother-in-law passed away and we sold… Continue reading Japanese Twist

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