Hand Sewing · Upcycling

The start of something …….

This first post is a nod to the past and a look ahead to the future.

I have always been interested in sewing and design, as a child I always remember loving Zandra Rhodes – a whirlwind of creativity dressed in bright pink! I learnt to sew from an early age, studied textiles at school and did 4 years of fashion design.

Later I fell into retail and have been there ever since.

However, my interest in making things has remained strong and due to my parents make do and mend attitude, recycling and reuse of items has always been at the forefront of things I have made at home.

This year me and husband were lucky enough to to get into Glastonbury Festival. I was heavily influenced by their green futures area, which is all about handcrafts and teaching people how to be greener. Later I went to Kirstie Allsops’ handmade fair, where there were lots of making sessions.

Next year I plan to set up a sewing school and have some travelling classes as well, to teach people in a fun way how they can reuse items that cannot be given to charity to be resold, e.g the fabric is in good condition but there is a hole in it or a stain on the front.

My ultimate plan is to teach short fun sessions at festivals and fairs and give people skills they can take home.

I hope to use my blog to get people to realise that embracing traditional skills doesn’t mean rejecting technology and new skills.

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