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The Heart of No Waste.

At the moment I am pretty obsessed with making anything heart shaped. Perhaps it’s the drabness of January and now that Christmas is well and truly gone the heart is a comforting shape and always full of good meaning.

As some of you have been reading on twitter, about 2 weeks ago I tweeted uh-oh my husband will be missing his jeans. So here is what I did with them, by the way they did have a few rips through them – I am not just commandeering his good clothes for my business start up projects!

I started off opening the seams on the inside of the legs,  cut up  one side of the zip to preserve it, cut up the back seam and through the waistband, then opened them flat. The quilted fabric I found locally at a charity shop.

The quilted fabric makes ideal stuffing for the decorations I have been making and means I am using something that is recycled on the inside as well as the fabrics. I was inspired by Jen Gale  @makeandmendyear to keep the ribbons off of my crackers from Christmas they are just the right length for decorations. I even had the gold ribbons from the in-laws crackers for a different look!

I went for a couple of different looks, on the gingham hearts I used blanket stitch round the edge. The ones with the gold ribbon have chain stitch and I used a scissor edge to rough up the outside edge. I decided to keep the different shading from where I had unpicked one of the back pockets and the beads are from broken earrings.

I had a bit of non-heart inspiration and decided to knock up a small pillow with the classic Scotty Dog outline stitched on to it. My husband is a bit of an artist so he drew me the shape on paper and I glued the shape to the back of a cereal box and cut it out to use as a template. The PU snakeskin is a pretty funky upholstery sample  I found in a charity shop.

My next challenge and altogether not as creative is to get myself a pinterest button attached to my pages so I put a couple of my images on my boards!

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